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Michigan Upper Peninsula Chapter

The Upper Peninsula Chapter is located in Marquette, Michigan, and serves the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It currently has about 40 members. The chapter holds periodic technical meetings from September through May.

The Upper Peninsula Chapter is one of eight chapters in the Michigan Council of IMA, which offers additional educational and leadership opportunities. The Michigan Council offers an all-day Fall Seminar, in Lansing, Michigan, featuring nationally known speakers on a variety of topics.

IMA - Institute of Management Accountants 

Advancing the Profession

IMA is dedicated to rebalancing the accountancy profession by educating society regarding the business building role of management accountants and finance professionals working inside organizations.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA®) – The Gold Standard

Join a leading group of professionals who have advanced beyond the practical accounting skill set by earning IMA’s prestigious global certification, the Certified Management Accountant (CMA®). Evolve into a strategic business partner committed to a standard of excellence grounded on a strong ethical foundation and a lifelong commitment to learning. Position yourself for career advancement and greater earning power. Gain a significant competitive advantage while demonstrating accounting, finance, information management and strategic planning skills necessary to drive business performance in the changing global economy. Learn more

Vision Statement

The world's leading association for management accounting and finance professionals.

Mission Statement

To provide a dynamic forum for management accounting and finance professionals to develop and advance their careers through certification, research and practice development, education, networking, and the advocacy of the highest ethical and professional practices.